ClusterPress is a standalone open source project and at the same time it is completely dependent on WordPress. It’s organized into modules (the “Clusters”) you can activate according to your needs. This plugin, just like WordPress is distributed under the GNU/GPL version 2 license. You can find a copy of it within the plugin’s package.

ClusterPress is highly extensible, thanks to many APIs and to its recurrent use of the WordPress Plugin API. ClusterPress is focusing on two fairly distant objects even if they relate to th WordPress post types :

  • WP_User (users),
  • WP_Site (sites).

ClusterPress has 3 dreams :

  1. Become the (missing WordPress) user’s front-end profile,
  2. Show a possible path about the valorization of the network sites (of their content, of their authors and followers) for the WordPress Multisite configs.
  3. Save some time to the people needing to display objects that are not post types into WordPress.

I think ClusterPress is more than another plugin. Thanks to this website and the Core of ClusterPress there’s an opportunity to build an ecosystem of ClusterPress’s addons. From the “Clusters” management screen you will be able to find and freely get the next artwork of the ClusterPress “tribe”. Today, i’m the only member of this tribe, but i hope some of you will be interested into getting involved into a different open source adventure based on reciprocal involvements.

ClusterPress stable releases will only be available from this site. The development version of the plugin is hosted on this GitLab repository. The most of the time i spent on this project was to put together an alternative to the repositories WordPress is freely giving to plugin authors. I was motivated by three reasons :

  • First it was a funny challenge, a bit like climbing at the top of the Everest!
  • Then, SVN ! Even if it’s not so hard to use, it’s still a pain compared to Git and it’s so bad to not enjoy pull requests…
  • Finally i need more control on the support of the plugin and more control on the french language used in ClusterPress.

So, Cluster.Press has a specific API to talk to the ClusterPress plugin so that it’s aware of available updates and can upgrade itself. The API will be used by all the Clusters hosted in this plugins directory.

The ClusterPress plugin and the addons will always be freely available for download. ClusterPress tribe members will always be welcome to report bugs in the english or french forums or submit new issues into the GitLab repository. Anyone can join this tribe as soon as you are ready to give back. It can be contributions to the projects code, to their translation, documentation, design. It can also be contributions to the content of the sites of this network or, why not, donations to participate to the hosting costs of this network.

Tribe is only for conTributors.